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Our consultants are all dual qualified in Trauma and Orthopaedics from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. In addition, they regularly deal with complex fractures in their NHS practice.

This means that at Grosvenor Orthopaedic Partners we are able to offer our patients advanced trauma care in the private setting. Please contact us urgently if you require trauma care so that we can expedite your treatment.


Consultant Orthopaedic Knee Surgeon


Consultant Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon


Consultant Orthopaedic Hip Surgeon


Consultant Orthopaedic Knee Surgeon


Consultant Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon


Consultant Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon


Consultant Orthopaedic Hip Surgeon

Mr Benan Dala-Ali

Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr mark webb

Consultant HIP AND KNEE Surgeon

Mr Rupert Wharton

Consultant Hand and Wrist Surgeon

Conditions Diagnosed & Treated

Fractures treated include, but are not limited to:

Periprosthetic Hip Fractures (Fractures related to Hip Replacement)

A periprosthetic hip fracture is a broken bone that occurs around the implants of a total hip replacement. It is a serious complication that most often requires surgery.

Periprosthetic Knee Fractures (Fractures related to Knee Replacement)

Knee periprosthetic fractures are defined as fractures of the femur or tibia occurring within 15 cm from the joint line or 5 cm from the endomedullary stem if present

Quadricep Tendon Ruptures

Quadriceps tendon tear is an injury that occurs when the tendon that attaches the quadriceps muscle (a group of 4 muscles in the front part of the femur) to the patella or kneecap tears. The quadriceps tendon may be partially or completely torn. Quadriceps tendon rupture is a rare but serious injury.

Patella Fractures

A kneecap (patella) fracture is a break of the bone located on the front of the knee joint. The patella is a sesamoid bone: a round bone embedded in a tendon that shields and protects a joint.

Patella Tendon Ruptures

Patellar tendon rupture occurs as a result of a tensile overload on the extensor mechanism. This is usually the result of long-standing chronic tendon degeneration.

Tibial Plateau Fractures

A tibial plateau fracture is an injury in which you break your bone and injure the cartilage that covers the top end of your tibia (bottom part of your knee). The break can range from a single crack in your bone to shattering into many pieces. This fracture typically happens after a fall or a motor vehicle accident.

Tibial Shaft Fractures

A tibial shaft fracture occurs along the length of the bone, below the knee and above the ankle. It typically takes a major force to cause this type of broken leg. Motor vehicle collisions, for example, are a common cause of tibial shaft fractures.

Calcaneal (Heel) Fractures

A fracture of the calcaneus, or heel bone, can be a painful and disabling injury. This type of fracture commonly occurs during a high-energy event — such as a car crash or a fall from a ladder — when the heel is crushed under the weight of the body.

Hindfoot Fractures

Hindfoot fractures account for approximately 17% of foot and ankle fractures, with calcaneal fractures being more common (1). These fractures typically result from high-impact axial loads and are often seen in polytrauma. Imaging is critical for diagnosing such injuries.

Lisfranc Fractures and Injuries

Lisfranc (midfoot) injuries result if bones in the midfoot are broken or ligaments that support the midfoot are torn. The severity of a Lisfranc injury can vary widely — from a simple injury involving one midfoot joint to a complex injury involving many midfoot joints and broken bones.

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Metatarsal Fractures

A metatarsal fracture is a break or a thin, hairline crack to one of the metatarsal bones of the foot. This type of fracture usually happens from repeated stress on the bones of the foot.

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