Orthopaedic Manifestations of Rare Paediatric Conditions

Conditions Diagnosed & Treated

Below is an outline of some of the paediatric orthopaedics disorders that we specialise in, but typically most paediatric orthopaedic conditions that warrant a specialist referral can be successfully investigated through our team. 

Orthopaedic Manifestations of

Neuromuscular conditions
  • Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder in paediatric patients that affects muscle control, coordination, and movement.
  • Muscular dystrophy is a group of genetic disorders that cause progressive muscle weakening and degeneration in children.
Connective tissue disorders
  • Marfan Syndrome is a genetic disorder affecting connective tissues, leading to various physical features and potential cardiovascular issues in paediatric patients.
  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) comprises a group of genetic disorders impacting connective tissues, leading to joint hypermobility and skin elasticity in children.
Genetic conditions:
  • Achondroplasia is a genetic disorder causing disproportionate dwarfism in paediatric patients due to abnormal bone growth.

  • Trisomy 21, known as Down’s Syndrome, is a genetic condition resulting from an extra chromosome 21, leading to various developmental challenges in children.

Benign bone tumours
  • Osteochondromas are non-cancerous bone tumours that can form in children, often on the long bones.
  • Exostosis refers to the presence of bony growths in children, sometimes caused by injury or trauma.
  • Multiple Hereditary Exostosis is a genetic condition that leads to the development of multiple bone tumours on paediatric patients’ bones.
  • Simple Bone Cysts are fluid-filled cysts that may occur in the bones of children, typically without symptoms.
  • Fibrous Cortical Bone Defects are benign lesions in the bones of paediatric patients that usually resolve over time.

Hypermobility refers to excessive joint flexibility in children, which can lead to joint instability and related issues.

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Thank you for taking great care of me throughout the whole operation process! My recovery has been much faster than anticipated and I am pain free after such a long time!