Foot & Ankle

Why Am I Getting Heel Pain?

Heel pain is a very common symptom and normally resolves within a very short period of time without any formal treatment. However, if the pain continues, you should see a specialist to get a formal diagnosis so that the actual cause of the pain can be treated...



Knee Plica Syndrome – Is This Causing my Knee Pain?

We commonly see patients who wonder if they might have a plica in their knee that is causing anterior knee pain. Knee Plica Syndrome is a commonly diagnosed but an often poorly understood condition. In this post we aim to demystify it; explain what it is, describe...



Hip Replacement: Which Type is Best for me?

If you have done any research on hip replacement, you will realise that there are lots of choices about which implants to use and how they are put in your body. Use this short guide to develop your understanding of the implant that your surgeon may recommend for...