Arthritis of the small joints of the hand is very common. In fact the joint closest to the nail is one of the commonest locations in the body to develop arthritis; but it can also affect the knuckles. When this happens, many patients don’t experience any pain at all, and generally if that is the case no treatment is needed.

However, if this happens and it is painful Mr Wharton recommends hand therapy for splinting, and steroid injections in the first instance. Often the steroid injections are done with x-ray or ultrasound guidance, and that may require a referral to the radiologist, and a separate visit.

When injections and splints can no longer help with the pain Mr Wharton offers both joint replacement and joint fusion operations. The joint replacements stop the worn out bone ends from knocking against each other, and allow movement, but can only reliably achieve the movement that patients already have in that particular joint. Sometimes the joint is so stiff from arthritis that it doesn’t move much anymore. Under those circumstance Mr Wharton also offers joint fusion (arthrodesis) surgery where the worn out cartilage is removed and the bone ends are held with metalwork so that new bone grows across the joint. If the joint doesn’t move it often doesn’t cause pain, and so this treatment can be very effective at improving hand pain.

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury or is experiencing pain in their hand or wrist and would like a consultant-led review, please contact us. Grosvenor Orthopaedics have extensive experience in the treatment of this condition with excellent patient outcomes.


Grosvenor Orthopaedics have extensive experience in the treatment of hip -related injuries with excellent patient outcomes.


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Hand and Wrist care at Grosvenor Orthopaedics is lead by Mr Rupert Wharton who is a Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon with an NHS base at Kingston Hospital. He is further supported by the orthopaedic team here including other consultant surgeons, nurses and care staff.

Our team are well placed to manage and treat a diverse range of hand and wrist concerns utilising cutting edge diagnostic technology and treatment approaches, both surgical and conservative. Below is an overview of some of the conditions we treat but for a more thorough understanding please contact our team here

Mr Rupert Wharton

Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon

Dip Hand Surg (Br and Eur) | BOA Future Leaders Programme 2023 | FEBHS
Rupert Wharton is a Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon with an NHS base at Kingston Hospital. He has an interest in injuries and degenerative conditions of the hand and wrist, and works closely with hand therapy colleagues to ensure all non operative solutions have been tried before considering surgery.

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Thank you for taking great care of me throughout the whole operation process! My recovery has been much faster than anticipated and I am pain free after such a long time!